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Hi families!

My name is Marie-Ève and I am a 24 years-old French-Canadian who lives currently in the area of North Ryde. I am already aupairing in a beautiful and lovely family but I only do 20 hours a week. Therefore, I am looking for some families who need a casual babysitter.


I am a dynamic and bubbly person who enjoy being with kids. I have a lot of experiences with them. As a teenager, I did some babysitting before giving swimming lessons for 8 years.

Plus, before coming in Australia, I worked in elementary schools to give Zumba classes. Moreover, working with kids with special needs is not a problem for me. One of my family’s children lives with the autistic spectrum and so does my brother. My interests are, of course, doing sport such as swimming and running but also playing music as well as reading books and cooking.


If you ever feel like I am the right person to look after your children, here are my avalaibilities :

Monday and Tuesday evenings
Almost every Thursdays during the day
Almost every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (days and nights)

I’m looking foward to hear from you!


Kind regards,

Marie Eve - North Shore, Sydney


Family - 201506/88, Randwick, NSW

Start Date: ASAP - Evening work - night feeds. Pay to be negotiated pending experience. 


4-5 nights/week + 2-3 days/week (can be flexible) 


I am a fun loving single mother to twin bouncing baby girls and two friendly scruffy dogs. We live in North Randwick right near Centennial Park where we all enjoy spending a lot of time. I am 45 and after 5 years of IVF in Australia I finally decided to take the plunge and try the donor embryo option which required me going overseas. So last year I travelled to a clinic in Hawaii where I was so happy to finally have success after my second trip there. I welcomed my beautiful baby girls – Avery and Frankie - on February 5th.


Whilst I am going this alone I am very fortunate to have a very loving family who live nearby and a lovely circle of friends all of whom have been very involved. Sadly my own mother passed away 20 years ago – she would otherwise be very involved with the girls as family was everything to her. This is a value she has certainly instilled in me and I am thrilled to now have started my own little family.


Unfortunately my beautiful little Avery has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness called biliary atresia. She has already had major surgery to remover her bile ducts and gall bladder but unfortunately there continues to be issues with the bile draining from the liver and so her liver is sustaining irrevocable damage and she will shortly need a liver transplant. in the meantime we have been warned that we will probably have regular stays in the hospital as Avery’s liver deteriorates and she develops liver related issues.


This is why I am searching for that special someone who can become part of our extended family and be here to look after Frankie and the dogs when Avery and I are back in hospital. Also as Avery’s medical needs become greater it is harder to ensure these are met when I am feeding and caring for both girls by myself. Already Avery’s appetite has begun to be affected but it is so important we get her to eat as much as possible as nutrition is a real issue for babies with this condition. Therefore she often needs more time and attention at feed time which can be tricky for me to give when I am alone and trying to feed them both. So I believe I need to have someone here for most if not all of our feeds.


We already have a very lovely lady called Pilar who is our nanny and works Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri (and sometimes Weds when needed). She is Spanish and is a very warm, caring and funny person who has already become an integral part of our lives. I also have a lovely lady who comes on Saturday mornings to clean the house. She has also worked previously with kids and therefore has also been helping with the girls. Nancy is Colombian and is also a wonderfully warm, gentle and caring person who has just a lovely way with kids. I have also had a couple of people helping to do nights, I would look to be keeping one of them - Caroline - doing 1 or 2 nights a week. Caroline is a nurse at Royal Women’s looking after babies with special needs after birth. So I am looking for someone to join our gang and fill in the gaps to make sure we are fully covered. I am thinking 4–5 nights a week and 2–3 days a week (Wed, Sat afternoon & Sun). These times can be a little flexible and the person doesn’t have to necessarily live with us as long as there is always someone here when Avery and I are in hospital.


So a bit more about me. I love music – it is always playing in the house and I love attending a good music festival – can’t wait to take the girls to one! I love art – I used to have a commercial photography gallery in Paddington many years ago so there is a lot of art in my home. I love food and wine and love to entertain or head out to a great restaurant. I enjoy getting outdoors with the dogs and now also the girls (although still have my training wheels on!). I enjoy watching a bit of telly which I’ve been doing a bit more of late given I am home with the girls – you can expect to find me watching – Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Project Runway, Masterchef, Mad Men, Better Call Saul….. And I have always loved to travel – I can’t wait to take the girls to show them the world but for the short term travel may not be so viable whilst we are sorting out Avery’s medical issues.


On the work front I’ve done many different things. As I mentioned I worked in the arts first working at the Art Gallery of NSW and then opening my own photography gallery with a partner in Paddington. I’ve lived and worked in NYC where I was building the network of professional Australians overseas and have worked on and off again for my Dad with his various business interests.


Most recently I had started my own interior design business called Mapp It Out and have been looking after Dad’s horse racing interests (we breed and race horses). I have stepped aside from both and am undecided when I will return. Most likely I will remain involved with Hobartville (our horse racing property located in Richmond) but for the short term my main focus is on my little girls and Avery’s medical needs.


I have been actively involved in charity work all my adult life. My Dad was a founding member of Variety, The Children’s Charity and my Mum founded Ladies of Variety (took kids on outings). I got actively involved and became a Board Member of Variety in NSW as well as reestablishing and chairing the Young Variety network. When I moved to NYC I again became involved in a similar manner joining the New York board and establishing their first Young Variety network. More recently I started studying Social Impact through the Australian Business School. I have one more unit to finish – not quite sure when I’ll be ready to jump in and do it!


My home has always been very important to me. As a designer I love creating beautiful and inviting spaces but also home is an important retreat for me. My world has definitely changed now that I have invited many more people to be part of my world and in my home. I am enjoying sharing my home but it is important to me that whoever we find will respect it.


So I am excited to find the right person for us

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